Leatherman and their warranty

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Twenty five years ago my wife bought me a Leatherman Cabela’s Wave.  I have worn and used it over and over again.  Finally, this past year I broke one of the jaws.  My first thought was I’ll just keep carrying it and use everything else and carry one of my other multi tools for the pliers, but it wouldn’t open and close right.  I laid it to rest on my desk and donned another multi tool and continued the mission.  

After a couple of months wishing I had my old faithful Leatherman back I got the idea to check on the warranty.  That evening after work I sat down at my computer and typed Leatherman Warranty in the search bar.  Turns out they warranty some tools for twenty five years.  They also asked if I’d like to pay to have it fixed if it was deemed out of warranty.  My reply was yes I will pay, and if you can’t fix it I’ll buy a new one.  They sent me a shipping label (which I had to pay freight).  No problem, I’ll gladly pay the freight.  I’ll pay the repair bill if I can have my Leatherman back. I boxed it up and sent it their way.

  Sometime later, probably less than a month, I saw an email stating that my Leatherman was on the way.  I figured it would be followed with an invoice .  I couldn’t remember giving Leatherman a method of payment.  To say the least I was curious how this would play out.  A few days after that a Leatherman arrived in the mail.  It looked like mine.  The writing was worn like mine, but the plier jaws had bolt in cutters.  Also the knife blades were sharper when I got it back.  Shortly after I started using my Leatherman I lost the screw driver bit that had a phillip’s on one end and flat blade on the other.  I was nothing short of amazed when I found the screw driver bit had also been replaced.  You know what I was amazed with?  The invoice…or should I say the lack there of.  I didn’t even have to pay return freight.   

I was already sold on Leatherman.  I would have replaced the old one and considered it great use and purchased another in a heart beat.  This is nothing short of over delivery.  Leatherman…Thank You.  

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